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Kiril's web log
CMMI 1.2 Upgrade training complete 
Tuesday, October 24, 2006, 01:59 PM - CMMI
Yesterday I finished the on-line upgrade training for CMMI 1.2. In summary CMMI 1.2 focuses on making the model easier to use and opens the possibilities to extend the model in the future. It as well contains corrections to the model that fill in gaps and correct ambiguities. In my humble opinion CMMI 1.2 is a small but needed step forward. This step opens the door for much more new developments - in 2007 we should see two additional CMMI models released.

About the training itself it is not hard perhaps it would take couple of days (16 hours) effort at average to read through the training material and as well read the updated/added texts in the model. As with the other CMMI trainings it takes a bit longer as timeline to understand things and think them through. The training is self paced and one can arrange the reading of the materials in convenient time. There is no multimedia content in the training materials and printable version of all materials is provided for off-line usage.

The training material is well organized in presentation style slides with sufficient texts to eliminate the need for trainer. This method of presentation is much simpler to read and comprehend then text document like the model itself. The training is split in 6 parts covering all aspects of the changes in CMMI 1.2

1. Training introduction
2. Model updates this is the main chunk and for me it took longest time to go through and understand each piece.
3. Appraisal updates
4. Training updates
5. Institutionalization discussion
6. The new model architecture

In addition refresher slides for the model and appraisal method are provided.

I will probably make another post in the next days to summarize the changes in the model as I understood them.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006, 10:28 PM - Personal
Hello from me. So to bring a quick update to all who is peeking at the site. I have made few remarkable achievements for me. One is that I finally presented my thesis work and this completes my studies for Masters degree !!!

The thesis work itself is a web site and IS for managing a scientific conference - Computer Science 2006. You can see the web site by following the link to Conference Website. So far it is running successfully for over a month and we have around 120 article abstracts submitted.

The system is simple and flexible, so if anyone wants to host a conference and needs an IS let me know.

On the process side few interesting things too.

I received from SEI the Watts Humphrey book "Winning with software". It is very interesting book. Gives a good perspective what ingridients make successful software projects and introduces the TSP.

There are as well some interesting developments and I may soon be helping people take on the path to improvement.
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Subversion presentation 
Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 12:04 AM
Tomorrow we will have a meeting of the Bulgarian SPIN group. Lately our focus is on discussing tools and their application to process improvement. This has been started since many of us found extremely hard to coop with some of the CMMI requirements on data. Prime example for this is maintaining bi-directional traceability in REQM at CL2.

Thus we made decision to review tools in use in the next few meetings. We are looking at tools for Requirements management, project management and not least configuration management.

I have used Subversion over the past one year and a half and found it to be very useful tool. It surpasses by far classic solutions as CVS and SourceSafe and indeed offer in one package all their features plus a great deal more.

So what is it that I liked in Subversion. First the ability to access repository over standard HTTP protocol, second is the versioning of the whole repository over versioning of individual files. The later has enormous impact on the way one works. Now change sets can easily be reviewed, operations that revert edits are easy, and last but not least commits are atomic.

To tell everyone my good feeling towards this tool I made short presentation that you can download as well Subversion presentation
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Picutes of Parade 
Sunday, May 7, 2006, 04:50 PM - Personal
6-th of May is a holiday of the Army here in Bulgaria, it is the day of St. George.

I were to the parade and took some quick picutres. Bad part is I still do not have a telephoto lens.

In the begingin there was speech by the president and lots of soldiers and yet more observers.

Then the parade was open by a helicopter.

... and several training planes..

... then some real figther jets, though a bit antiquated...

Then a lot of tanksand soldiers passed by ...

...and finally all packed and went back.
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Friday, March 24, 2006, 09:44 PM - Personal
Well it has been a while since my last post. So what is new.....

I have not done much new things on process related activities at least not remarkable enough to put here. But I bought a Digital SLR camera (Konica Minolta Dynax 5D). It is very nice camera.

I am learning now how to operate it and am taking lots of ugly pictures. Below is one of my best shots so far.

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