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      • Technology meets needs
        If you have read one of my first postings (CMMI first post ) you know I have been looking for the right tools for the job up till now. It seems the search is almost over and I have found a solution that will require little or no programming effort and will allow to achieve the goals set forth in th

      • Great SharePoint demo/tutorial
        Microsoft had published FabriKam DVD, a very nice SharePoint demo/tutorial with complete applications and several components that can be reused including ADSI integration and SQLXML web services.


        The DVD can be ordered from MS site or ca

      • Going international
      • Microsoft Solutions Framework for CMMI
        This is very interesting Microsoft's new MSF will be developed with the guidelines of CMMI in mind. This is great as it will arm the Microsoft community with suitable tools for the job, hopefully making great push in software quality.

        I am a bit afraid that this may not actually

      • Reality Bites: donít trust paper signs and business software
        I have recently been doing interviews for hiring software developers and software test engineers. Some of the interviewees were good professionals some not, however what amazed me is the lack of maturity in some of the organizations at which some of the candidates worked. Surprisingly enough these

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