Microsoft Solutions Framework for CMMI 
Tuesday, July 5, 2005, 02:38 PM - CMMI, CMMI Publications
This is very interesting Microsoft's new MSF will be developed with the guidelines of CMMI in mind. This is great as it will arm the Microsoft community with suitable tools for the job, hopefully making great push in software quality.

I am a bit afraid that this may not actually work as planned, but at least the direction is right.

See MSF for CMMI

Indeed the whole site of David Anderson is very interesting, see Agile Management
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Very nice project metrics/management program 
Monday, June 13, 2005, 12:30 PM - CMMI, CMMI Publications
I have found a very good CMMI metrics program on the web from NASA. It covers a lot of the software development information for a project or even an organization.

The program is available from NASA Metrics Database

Note that I had some trouble setting it up on Windows XP. However after couple of tries it worked and it looks quite well.

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