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Kiril's web log
My first CMMI training is scheduled! 
Thursday, April 5, 2007, 12:48 AM - CMMI

I have just received the official confirmation from SEI that my observation Introduction to CMMI training will be on 25-27 April 2007.

This will be a public course. It will be offered in Sofia, Bulgaria. So if you would like to come please get in touch with ESI http://www.esicenter.bg. I would be more then glad to have bigger audience.

For details on what this training is about see the SEI official page about Introduction to CMMI training

This is great news as both ESI and myself will have much better opportunities to help companies in the region work with the model.

I hope to see you there!
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A SPIN BG meeting 
Saturday, January 20, 2007, 12:31 AM - CMMI, CMMI Publications
We had a SPIN BG meeting this week.

There were several quite interesting items discussed:

1. There is a Bulgarian company that achieved maturity level 2 in CMMI. The company name is MPS. This is big achievement as it is the first company in the region that has achieved a CMMI rating from A class SCAMPI. We discussed their SCAMPI experience on the meeting.

2. Just a month later a Romanian company achieved CMMI maturity level 3 rating

3. I made short presentation about the new developments in CMMI 1.2 . Of course you can download it form the link - CMMI 1.2 what is new
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Some shots from this morning 
Thursday, December 28, 2006, 01:47 PM - Personal
Today I got some nice shots of my dog while we were on a walk in the mountain.

There seems to be a lot I need to learn about taking pictures of moving objects.

Click on the picture below to open the album in Picasa Web

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On the way to become CMMI Instructor 
Thursday, December 21, 2006, 11:15 AM - CMMI, Personal
The latest news about me is that I took the way to becoming instructor for the Introduction to CMMI course. I already attended the course in November in Frankfurt and am now looking to schedule and conduct my observation. For this I am partnering with the Bulgarian ESI Center .

Perhaps many would like to know more about the Instructor course. Well the course is superb in my opinion. We had excellent trainers that have been working with CMMI for many years and had very deep understanding of complex concepts. The other important part is that you learn a lot about training by watching the instructors as well as the other students.

The model training

Even though the training is not aimed towards the model you do learn a lot about CMMI in these 3 days. To learn at this level about CMMI one must have very good idea of the process areas and the discussion will bring new level of understanding of the model. Some of the things discussed include Process Area relationships, evolution of concepts through the levels of the model, better understanding of how to read and apply CMMI and last but not least the concept of institutionalization.

Trainer training

The other aspect of importance to me was to acquire or enrich my trainer skills and better understand what it takes to teach the course. Again the experience and professionalism of the trainers helped a lot.
The intro training is very fine balance between interactive and engaging training experience and racing against the clock. The training gives you some guidelines how to avoid loosing time, save time if you lost some and how to keep the discussion to the point and avoid distractions.
On the trainer training one is able to see two experienced trainers and several other individuals in my case all form different cultural background. This combined with the ability to experiment with different approaches makes the training valuable experience that sets guidelines for further improvement.

I guess some of you will be interested to take the instructor course yourself and are wondering how difficult is the training and what preparation is required. The answer is that one needs to know the model well and spend a week or two in preparation on the model and few days for completion of the pre-class assignment. The training itself is intensive and not easy, but the instructors do help a lot and aim to have all successful classes. During the course there is one examination and several presentations for assessing the capabilities of the candidate instructors. These should not be a problem provided one knows the model well and is serious about becoming instructor. Indeed during the presentations you will be encouraged to experiment and try out approaches you would not otherwise attempt in front of audience.

Finally if you are new to CMMI and would like to learn more get in touch!

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CMMI 1.2 Upgrade training complete 
Tuesday, October 24, 2006, 01:59 PM - CMMI
Yesterday I finished the on-line upgrade training for CMMI 1.2. In summary CMMI 1.2 focuses on making the model easier to use and opens the possibilities to extend the model in the future. It as well contains corrections to the model that fill in gaps and correct ambiguities. In my humble opinion CMMI 1.2 is a small but needed step forward. This step opens the door for much more new developments - in 2007 we should see two additional CMMI models released.

About the training itself it is not hard perhaps it would take couple of days (16 hours) effort at average to read through the training material and as well read the updated/added texts in the model. As with the other CMMI trainings it takes a bit longer as timeline to understand things and think them through. The training is self paced and one can arrange the reading of the materials in convenient time. There is no multimedia content in the training materials and printable version of all materials is provided for off-line usage.

The training material is well organized in presentation style slides with sufficient texts to eliminate the need for trainer. This method of presentation is much simpler to read and comprehend then text document like the model itself. The training is split in 6 parts covering all aspects of the changes in CMMI 1.2

1. Training introduction
2. Model updates this is the main chunk and for me it took longest time to go through and understand each piece.
3. Appraisal updates
4. Training updates
5. Institutionalization discussion
6. The new model architecture

In addition refresher slides for the model and appraisal method are provided.

I will probably make another post in the next days to summarize the changes in the model as I understood them.

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