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Kiril's web log
Exchange & SharePoint on the same machine 
Thursday, June 16, 2005, 11:53 AM - Technology, Technology publications
We are still a small company yet and we use the same machine for both MS Echange and SharePoint server. However up till now I had not been able to configure them to operate correctly. I just found several articles on Microsoft's site that give instructuions how to make these guys work together:

SharePoint interoperability guide

Setting up SharePoint to interoperate with Exchange i.e. to not intercept request for Exchange OWA

Setting up Kerberos for SharePoint
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CMMI first post 
Monday, June 13, 2005, 10:55 PM - CMMI, CMMI Implementation
Here I will be publishing items I stumble upon while implementing the quality management system of Tineo IT Labs using the CMMI guidelines. Tineo IT Labs is a new software service company, founded in February 2005, aiming to deliver top quality service in Europe and around the globe. Our belief is that using simple communication and business processes combined with sound engineering and management practices we can deliver high value service to our customers.
To get the job done we will be using the principles of CMMI. Initially I will be implementing quality management system to comply with ISO and CMMI level 2. It will for sure include a lot of level 3 stuff, but not all.
My first step is to get a solid foundation for the effort, including:

Templates/framework for documenting processes

It will be really nice to have format that easily supports hyperlinks, embedding of files, graphics and printing. In addition some automatic way to trace items between documents would be great particularly for process inputs and outputs.

Process Asset Library (PAL) system

The process asset library is the place where all data will be stored. Now my plans for what goes in to it are:

- organizational processes documentation classified by process area/intended audience/resource type

- tailored process documents by project type/customer

- process documents from previous projects including archived documentation, lessons learned and metrics summaries.

I am not sure if process documents of running projects should be contained in this library as they are live documents and will require less rigid control, plus they should be easily accessible to project members at all times.

Metrics systems

The metrics system is vital for us, as it will provide transparency to customers on the status of their projects.
The metrics database should be easily used by engineers daily it should be possible to integrate with 3rd party sources of data like issue tracking systems.
The end result should display project status screen to customers/managers indicating overall project state and summary of the individual project aspects.
At present I am reviewing one metrics system I downloaded from NASA's website

Come back for more!

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Very nice project metrics/management program 
Monday, June 13, 2005, 12:30 PM - CMMI, CMMI Publications
I have found a very good CMMI metrics program on the web from NASA. It covers a lot of the software development information for a project or even an organization.

The program is available from NASA Metrics Database

Note that I had some trouble setting it up on Windows XP. However after couple of tries it worked and it looks quite well.

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Friday, June 10, 2005, 07:03 PM

Hello web!!!!!!!

at last here is my place on the web!

It took a while to setup but now it is here.

I found Simple PHP Blog a very nice bloging program to use for my web.

... and here it is in action

I will be posting here different items related to:

- software processes
- technology
- myself
- other
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