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Kiril's web log
Simple timelapse app for sony E mount cameras on Android 
Saturday, May 3, 2014, 02:45 PM - Technology, Technology Ideas, Photography, Sony
I just published my first Android application. It is a simple time-lapse application compatible with Sony cameras having WiFi and app support.

Simply Timelapse on Google Play

Let me know if you like it. Any ideas for improvement are welcome.

I was thinking if some intelligent exposure adjustment may be helpful e.g. use camera in M and shift exposure only by little bit as the light of the scene changes....


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How to use remote flash with Sony NEX-5 (& 5n and 3 and c3) 
Thursday, December 29, 2011, 10:10 PM - Photography, Sony
A frequent problem that comes up with the Sony NEX cameras is the lack of standard flash hot shoe (the weird sockets on top of DSLR cameras). In practical terms this means the NEX is useless for photography training, studio photography and strobist photography.

I want to share here my simple solution to this problem. It is based on the following article and I have added a simple rubber band to hold all in one place for smooth experience.

First let me introduce you the basic building blocks

1. Seagull Remote Trigger SYK-5

2. Flash Trigger Remote Control - YongNuo CTR-301P

3. Hair rubber band

4. A Sony NEX camera with small detachable flash (this is the reason you are reading this article, no?)

5. A flash - I use YongNuo 560

6. A small black pouch e.g. the one that ships with Lensbaby does good work; flash pouches are too big and heavy

Here they are

Once you acquire all the building blocks it is fairly easy to figure out how to put them together.

The pouch is to cover the whole thing on the flash as to eliminate light from the build in flash on your final picture.

The magic settings for the SYK-5 are:

1. The switch should point to the eye icon (not flash). Note my picture is deceptive due to the shadow

2. The wheel should be turned all the way to the right (clockwise)

...and now the long awaited moment a remote flahs photo triggered from my NEX-5.

Some other observations:

1. The SYK-5 and the YongNuo trigger do not snap in the end position so the SYK-5 may slide off a bit and cause the system to stop working.

2. As the NEX-5 flash is raised you gain one of the NEX-5n and NEX-7 features - exposure is no longer previewed on screen allowing you to frame photos in poor light despite aggressive aperture and speed settings.

P.S. For the beginner - here is 101 of strobist lighting:

1. Switch to M mode

2. Check that speed is lower than 1/160 (or other lower than 1/160 - camera won't let you dial more when flash is attached - so another smart NEX feature)

3. Use aperture and flash power to get correct exposure - typically 3-4 attempts are needed to get it right. Correct exposure means photo looks good in preview + histogram does not show too much in the left or right end.
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