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      • Going for ‘Intermediate Concepts of CMMI’ course
        As the start of the course approaches I am now investing a lot of time in studying CMMI standards.

        I have now completed my pre class assignment for the course. I would like to make it available to all as a possible help in understanding Integrated Project Management process area better

      • I am back from vacation
        Here I am back form vacation. I was for a first time on an "all inclusive" type of vacation. I must admit this is the laziest way to spend some time. I was with my family (daughter and girl friend) at Hotel Rubin in the St. Kostantin & Elena resort in north Bulgaria on the Black Sea co

      • Going on vacation/study

        I have not made any new postings for a while. Reason is I were busy.

        I am now going for vacation so posts will be missing for at least two more weeks.

        Good news is I will make some interesting posts afterwards. As I will be studying the CMMI models very

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